It is a method that allows us to digitally design the smile of our patients, obtaining a simulation and preview of the therapeutic result. In this way, we can project the therapeutic result of a smile to the patient prior to treatment.

Improving the patient’s smile can generate results in its appearance, which generates changes in self-esteem, and confidence and will make him want to smile more.

We carry out the most modern aesthetic dental procedures that include porcelain veneers, smile design, among others.



  • I went to Dr. Nisenbaum dental office and hes the best! He attend my needs and i didnt feel any pain. Really reliable!!

    Jessica Derman Avatar Jessica Derman
    16 December, 2022

    Fui a su consulta con incertidumbre, y con el miedo a lo desconocido (implantes dentales), el y su equipo, escucharon mi problemática, analizaron las posibles soluciones y avanzamos en la solucion. Realizaron un tratamiento integro, siempre con transparencia y explicando con detalles cada trabajo. Lo recomiendo 100%.

    Omar Labrin Avatar Omar Labrin
    6 March, 2023

    Great service for what i was looking for.

    Juan Ignacio Almada Avatar Juan Ignacio Almada
    6 February, 2023
  • Yoel es un profesional super cuidadoso y atento. Muy buen trato! Recomiendo!

    Yanina Bassow Avatar Yanina Bassow
    6 December, 2022

    very professional and polite. I had my teeth cleaned and whitened, they were perfect!

    Lara Fainburg Avatar Lara Fainburg
    6 February, 2023

    Excellent professional. Very happy with the result, I recommend it!

    Hernan Scherz Avatar Hernan Scherz
    6 December, 2022
  • Joel y su equipo, realizaron mi tratamiento de forma impecable, ayudándome a entender cada paso y realizando seguimiento. Lo recomiendo para todo aquel que requiera atención.

    Rosa Delgado Avatar Rosa Delgado
    2 January, 2023

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