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Clinical Director.
Esthetic Dentistry, Implants and Oral Rehabilitation.

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Dr. Nisenbaum Yoel

Clinical Director, specializing in cosmetic dentistry, implants, and oral rehabilitation.

Dr. Yoel Nisenbaum graduated as a dentist in 2012 from the University of Buenos Aires in Argentina. He pursued further education in dental aesthetics, oral rehabilitation, and implants, completing his Msc. Oral Rehabilitation in 2022 in the University Salvador in Argentina.

Dr. Nisenbaum established a prestigious dental clinic in Buenos Aires, offering comprehensive treatments such as cosmetic dentistry, implants, dental surgery, endodontics, and oral rehabilitation. Collaborating with a skilled team, he provided exceptional care to patients.

In addition to his professional achievements, Dr. Nisenbaum did Alia alongside his family. Currently residing in Haifa, he is dedicated to helping the less fortunate and disadvantaged individuals by working at the “Levchash” dental clinic.

Moreover, he is also engaged in a dental office located in a kibbutz near Haifa.

Driven by a passion for delivering outstanding dentistry, Dr. Nisenbaum’s focus lies in restoring smiles through a multidisciplinary approach. Guided by strong ethical values and a minimally invasive vision, he strives for excellence in every aspect of his practice.


We are specialists in implants, making it possible for you to show a healthy smile all day.


We have different treatment options to correct malocclusion, align teeth, and close spaces in order to achieve a balance between oral health and the desired aesthetics.


Fine porcelain elements are placed on the teeth to modify their color, shape, and position.

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  • Great service for what i was looking for.

    Juan Ignacio Almada Avatar Juan Ignacio Almada
    6 February, 2023

    I went to Dr. Nisenbaum dental office and hes the best! He attend my needs and i didnt feel any pain. Really reliable!!

    Jessica Derman Avatar Jessica Derman
    16 December, 2022

    Yoel es un profesional super cuidadoso y atento. Muy buen trato! Recomiendo!

    Yanina Bassow Avatar Yanina Bassow
    6 December, 2022
  • Fui a su consulta con incertidumbre, y con el miedo a lo desconocido (implantes dentales), el y su equipo, escucharon mi problemática, analizaron las posibles soluciones y avanzamos en la solucion. Realizaron un tratamiento integro, siempre con transparencia y explicando con detalles cada trabajo. Lo recomiendo 100%.

    Omar Labrin Avatar Omar Labrin
    6 March, 2023

    Joel y su equipo, realizaron mi tratamiento de forma impecable, ayudándome a entender cada paso y realizando seguimiento. Lo recomiendo para todo aquel que requiera atención.

    Rosa Delgado Avatar Rosa Delgado
    2 January, 2023

    Excellent professional. Very happy with the result, I recommend it!

    Hernan Scherz Avatar Hernan Scherz
    6 December, 2022
  • very professional and polite. I had my teeth cleaned and whitened, they were perfect!

    Lara Fainburg Avatar Lara Fainburg
    6 February, 2023


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